Part of the family

Our fur babies are siblings to our children, they are constant companions and are always unconditionally there for us. They cuddle us when we are sad, follow us around when we are lonely and make us laugh everyday. They can always sense how we are feeling and are always there for us. They are also mourned when they are lost and missed like nothing else. They make us feel loved, happy, cared about and safe.

Pet Photography is the perfect way to celebrate what you love most about your pet, but also, to capture timeless wall art reminding you of what you love most about your cat or dog. The wall art is there for you to treasure forever and also to remind you of the special moments you and your family share with your pet everyday.

Cat photography-Cat love

I recently photographed Chocolate for our cat photography and family portraits session. During our discovery call, Jennie reminisced about the day she took 6 year old Maddy to pick up Chocolate. From the very beginning Chocolate was Maddy’s companion and just like a sibling for her. Jenny’s favourite moments as a family are when Chocolate cuddles up on Maddy’s chest as they watch TV. For both Jennie and Maddy, capturing Chocolates loving personality and companionship she has always provided was very important.

Our unique cat photography experience allows us to capture your pets personality from your perspective, we focus on the special quirks and character that you adore the most. Most importantly, we capture your bond, connection and relationships that are like no other. It is these deeper inner personality traits that you and your pet love so much about each other that create the deepest memories for many years to come.

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Sydney Cat Photography-Scratching cat under the chin
Sydney Cat Photography-Girl holding cat and scratching under chin
Sydney Cat Photography-Mom and daughter holding cat
Sydney Cat Photography-Mom and daughter holding cat, non close up
Sydney Cat Photography-close up of cat being scratched by mom and daughter
Sydney Cat Photography-black and white side view shot of cat
Sydney Cat Photography-Black and white of daughter sitting on the garden step patting cat
Sydney Cat Photography-black and white shot of daughter kissing cat. Cat looking at camera
Sydney Cat Photography-mom cradling cat with sun in the background
Sydney Cat Photography-Mom cradling cat with cat hugging back
Sydney Cat Photography-cat on grass licking lips with paw reaching out