Secret Sydney Beach Family Photoshoot

Secret Sydney Beach Family Photoshoot

In Sydney we are so lucky, summer lingers on for longer than we can imagine. To me, it feels like the colder months get shorter each year. We ventured out to the secret Sydney Harbour Beach, tucked away from the masses for this beautiful sunset photoshoot. It was the perfect day, no wind, water was warm and the tide was perfectly high. 

Family Photoshoots are all about running, jumping, playing and having fun. After all, young kids don’t want to sit still and pose. I want to capture their personalities, their individuality and their heart and soul. This is exactly what we did. We ran through the water, jumped over waves. Climbed rocks and swam in our clothes. 

The photoshoot took an hour, and in that time we captured
real life magic. Magical moments that will surely be treasured forever.

Gone are the days when everybody needs to be looking straight into the camera. Every family with young children knows that life isnt static. We barely hold still for more than a few minutes. We are up and down, moving, running and dancing with the days. Enjoying the laughter and each little phase and stage we are in, good or bad. How fitting are these photographs, capturing this stage of the journey. Family Photography is about real life moments, so that you can look back and remember exactly how life felt right now. 

We captured motherhood… the raw love and bond shared between mother and daughter. All too often I hear mums joke about how bad their husbands are at capturing photos of them. Or I will see memes posted on social media complaining about how they are never in any photos. Family Photoshoots change all of that. 

The last of the warm days are now over, autumn is well and truly here. But dont worry. Beach sessions are even more magical in the autumn and winter light. Layered up with warm knits and beanies, we can still create your very own fairytale story through your family photographs. 


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