Getting ready. See you soon!


1. My aim is to capture your child’s personality so I will need your help on the day to encourage your children to be themselves and to help engage them in what they love doing best, make them laugh and giggle.

2. I always plan photoshoots around children’s naps and feeding schedules as a full tummy and well rested child makes for a happier and smoother session.

3. During the discovery calls before the session we will go on a journey to discover what you and your partner love most about each member of your family. These personality traits, moments and tiny details will form the core of the photographic shoot allowing me to capture memories that will put a smile on your face every single time you look at them.

4. Family photoshoots with Daniella Photography are a lot of fun, we endevour to create natural photographs by using little tricks of the trade. For example, I may get you to give little tickles to your child, or tell them a silly secret. I will need your help for the photoshoot to run smoothly! You are going to be the wardrobe fixer, nose wiper, face puller and noise maker.

5. Don’t be afraid to monkey around behind me, pull some faces and get super silly.

6. Bring with some yummy mess free snacks for during or after the session

7. Last, but not least, be prepared to have lots of fun! Every shoot is different and as a mum I am flexible and understand children need time, patience and a little run around in order to capture the best moments.

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