HELLO! I’m Daniella Stein, and my passion is photography. The kind of photography that draws you in, that tells your story, honestly, beautifully and artistically. I am a professional family and newborn photographer in Sydney. My obsession is capturing raw personality and real connections and relationships between families. To me, the biggest gift I can give to another family is to transport you back to moments in time through heirloom photographs so that you can relive that time over and over again.
I am a wife to an incredibly supportive husband (I couldn’t do this without him!) and mum to 3 beautiful children (2 boys and a little girl).

I LOVE working with kids. I originally studied and worked as a Primary School Teacher and whilst I absolutely loved my job – photography is where my heart truly lies.
My journey started when I ripped open the wrapping on my fifteenth birthday revealing an SLR Camera, a lens through which I could view the world. Over the years I have studied and honed my craft and found a voice to express my own personal style of photography. I have travelled the world with a keen eye for photographing different cultures and the people within them.
When working with babies, I take all safety precautions and only pose them in comfortable safe positions. My family and I are all fully immunised. You will notice that before every photoshoot begins, I always wash my hands. Your babies safety is my number 1 concern. 
I am constantly improving my skills through different photography courses and always wanting to improve what I do. I use professional Canon equipment and have sourced stunning props, blankets and wraps for newborn photoshoots from a range of Australian businesses. 
My family and I are very close, and on the weekends you can find us digging giant holes on the beach or exploring in nature. 
It is a privilege and an honour for me to be a part of your day and to be given the opportunity to create art with your most intimate moments.  I believe that life is lived in the moments. I aim to capture some of these so when you look back on your photographs you see your real life, the treasured moments oft forgotten. So that many years from now when your children look back on these photographs it awakens a memory of what their childhood felt like.  That is the kind of photography I am passionate about.
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