Newborn Photography – Fresh 48

Newborn Photography – Fresh 48 Sessions are photography sessions held within the first 2-3 days of your babies birth at the hospital. They are 45 minutes in length and capture those intimate first kisses and cuddles. Fresh 48 sessions highlight those deep bonds and relationships that are formed instantaneously, and the deep love you feel when you hold your tiny newborn. I welcome siblings to attend the session and love capturing the first time siblings get to meet their new sibling. I don’t bring any props with to these sessions, we use special items such as blankets and soft toys you may have with you to capture natural and raw moments. If you want to bath your baby we can. We will wrap your baby, cuddle them, kiss them and take detailed photos of their tiniest features!

Just let me know your due date, and I will pencil it into my diary so I know when to expect to hear from you! Once you have given birth you can just send me a text and let me know the wonderful news. We will work out a time that suits you for the photo shoot so that it is relaxing and enjoyable for your new family.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

These first days with your newborn are some of the most intimate. Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture them forever. Your baby will be changing every hour at this age, always remember that first nose touch and those unforgettable firsts. There is no better way to remember, for yourself, and to showcase, for your children, how much you love them by having photos hanging on your walls of their first days of being part of the family.

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